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This is a writeup about education in Ghana. I am the author.

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since last month. Social media ask me overall, with pictures of young graduates from common comma, University of Science and Technology K and the university, each of them beaming with smiles, India gowns and suddenly brandishing the A search for it. Happy to be free from like ears and eyes. Um, celebrate India. Newfound freedom. But I walked through $10 a few weeks ago. Talk to myself apart from paper certificates. What else do these students that way or useful school? Are the land or connection of them made relationship they built? What else are they taking out into the world? Apart from paper, many of us back in the high school, we're told University prepares you for life growing up life in and out of the University of Flour. Nothing could be further from the truth. The environment in the university and environment also are like two medium of entirely different densities. There's a huge gap between the two environment, and that gap doesn't seem to be closing. But what do you expect? What? We have an educational system? Well, you are being judged by how much you scored in some examples where there are several wars for those who excel academically and yet very few award for those who are innovative and actually solve relevant problems. Right, Because you know it is a required degree. Why, or as I'm doing is to take the ability to memorise and read Goth, a bunch of Asians mumbo jumbo. We do not have a lot of relevance in our award anymore. By your entrepreneurship teachers of zero erotica entrepreneurship experience Look at a kilogramme. You find very little content of personal development or other subject areas which are actually teach real practical and useful life scape. I could go on and on. I don't blame the student too much there in Rome, So the natural adopted a system and do what Romans to those are blamed. The most of those who create and run the system have the ability to change. But I'm not doing anything about it. The quality of human resources Poor companies are complaining about it now. They have to retrain graduate I they employ and re teach them what I want to reinvest it, to learn