A mixture of spots and narrations

Video Narration


A professionally recorded demo showing a wide range of spots and narrations.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) Russian


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the Challenger space shuttle explosion Shocked a confident nation After a picture perfect liftoff, the challengers suddenly burst into a huge white cloud shot with orange flames. Diligent construction contractors factor in the settling of, ah, home when building it when doors or windows won't open her close, the framework is likely under stress from uneven settling, in contrast to pharmaceutical products derived directly or indirectly from narcotics of natural origin. Synthetic narcotics air produced entirely within the laboratory. Find out what it feels like when you find the job you want. Monster has tens of thousands of jobs posted online, making it a great place to search, apply and find your perfect job. An American city quite unlike any other. New Orleans is renowned for its quaint French Quarter and refined garden district. It's gumbo and jambalaya and its musical heritage. The Washington Ballet opens the window on a magical kingdom where snowflakes waltz, chocolate comes to life, a toy turns into a handsome prince and a sugar plum becomes a beautiful fairy