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Turn your customers' waiting time into deals time with a professional service to respond to your customers' inquiries, solve their issues, and conduct sales through a number of pre-recorded voice messages.

حوّل وقت انتظار عملائك إلى وقت الصفقات مع خدمة احترافية للرد على استفسارات عملائك وحل مشاكلهم وإجراء المبيعات بعدد من الرسائل الصوتية المُسجلة مُسبقًا.

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Number of Words Up to 100
Delivery Days 24hr
Number of Revisions 4
Non-Broadcast License
High Quality Audio File
Script Proofreading
Live Directed Session
Split Files (Up to 10)
Syncing to Video

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