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North American, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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whether or not he remembered is not relevant. My father's dinner was cold and the proverbial ship was about to hit the fan in seconds he swung at mom knocking her to the ground. She held her face for a second and then went to get up. At which point he went to her again. I had seen him go into a rage before but never had my mother prior to the incidents of him losing his temper, involved his yelling about something my brother or sister had done this time. He was enraged and out of control. I ran into the bedroom and begged Genie do something. She grabbed the phone to call the police. Since dear old dad was a police officer, we were calling his co workers to deal with him. My father was not going to have anyone from work come to handle him. That would have had been humiliating too bad, slapping my mother around was not as humiliating to him as his buddies walking in and seeing it would be at any rate, dad realized that Jeannie was calling the police from the bedroom and snatched the phone off the hook in the living room. Once the extension was off the hook, a call could not be placed. We heard a dial tone and my mother's screaming. Thinking quickly, Genie instructed me to run to the living room and put the phone back on the hook. Run out and take the phone in the living room and hold it in your lap now, huh? Go out there. Do I have to Yeah, go. I ran through the house and sat in the recliner next to the phone, holding it my lap with the receiver in the cradle until my sister yelled. Okay. This only took a few seconds. But it was horrible. My father hitting my mother all the while yelling at me to leave the phone alone. Within minutes the police arrived and were banging on the door, Jeannie and I ran over each other trying to get it open quickly as they walked in and there were more than one. My father released his grip on my mother's arm which he had been twisted up behind the back while he used the other hand to hit her. He smiled at the offices slash co workers as they approached him. Hey frank, How's it going? I was only five years old. I looked up at these people who mike waited with the calvary and realized that they had now been reduced to just a few guys. My father knew come on frank, Walk it off to this day. I don't know where or how. My mother regained her composure to think straight, but she looked up and said, walk it off. Are you kidding me, Jeannie, give me a pen and paper. My sister quickly went to fulfill her request. My mother walked up to the officer closer to her and said, I'm taking down your badge numbers. Either you arrest them or I'm calling your watch commander