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Hi, my name is Gavin Loudon. Here are some takes that I use for similar voice overs, but here's a little bit about myself. I served in the Navy for six years. During my time I did everything from helping Third world countries to having Apollo rescue missions on makeshift capsules. But my true love for science and space exploration came from my grandfather For about 40 years. He was a machinist for NASA. He did everything for make parts for discovery. He was integral in resupplying the I. S. S. He made parts and capsules that allowed them to refill and actually have new components put on board. I remember for years growing up, my grandfather would bring me back souvenirs, things signed by astronauts, people I've never met or heard of. But the idea that he was so close to something so much bigger than himself filled me with hope that one day we would be able to reach further than he ever thought possible. His curiosity and his love for science and space exploration. It's part of the reason why I've been venturing with things that I enjoy doing. To be honest. When I didn't see your script attached, I decided just to explain where I'm coming from. Thank you again for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon