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Made for disabled student over the summer break.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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when mermaid sleep in oceans deep inside their coral caves, they lay their head on seaweed beds rocked softly by the waves. Those same waves carry sailing ships from shore to distant shore. A bed and bunks asleep on trunks. The scruffy pirates norm inside those rusty iron trunks, they're stolen, treasures gleam dug up from sands and far off lands where genies gently dream that same sand builds a castle strong with towers at tin and number where all afloat within the moat. The royal serpents slumber, I taught Those towers in the sky, the regal wizards keep their eyes on mars and all the stars before they fall asleep. Those same stars twinkle in the woods where ivy hangs like eaves and unicorns rest tired horns on pillows made of leaves on wings of windows. Leaves are swept to mighty mountains high where tall crust shaken valleys quake as sleeping giants. Side in those same valleys blue with dusk. Inside the giants shoes, snuggled tight in blankets, wipe the sneaky goblin snooze. Those blankets wide are made from snow. Who's lacey falling flakes drift to the west where griffin's nest. Now one awakes far below those same large nests and tunnels underground glowing bugs and round glass jugs with dozing dwarves are found. Those tunnels lead up through the earth they'll reach the surface soon where fairies lie on flowers high and sleep beneath the moon into your room shines at same moon and cast a dreamy light. Close your eyes as magic flies. It's time to say good night