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Geralyn Byrd-Commercial Reel 2020

Voice Over • Video Narration

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English (North American)


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way will not be beaten no matter how hard the world tries way. Won't back down or be intimidated. We won't give up and we will never give in this'll season. We're thankful for the difference we can make. We're thinking big by planning small. So we are staying home. That's more lives saved. Let's stop the spread. Columbus. Now more than ever, we know the connection between job seeker and recruiter has to happen faster and be stronger. But it's hard for candidates to keep up to date on openings and time consuming for recruiters to make introductions. That's why CareerBuilder has made it our mission to empower employment organizations. Toe work smarter. You have cocks home life so you could see why your dog is barking. But you're not thinking about that. You're thinking about how little he was when you first taught him to play. You're thinking if he notices your undefended queen, he might finally beat you. And how proud you are, Thio. Hear him say check. Yeah, yeah,