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Sample from a non fiction book on Adult Autism

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introduction, newly diagnosed adults on the spectrum are most often thrilled to be finally and correctly diagnosed countless numbers of these autistic people feel that being on the spectrum is a wonderful thing that they would not change if they could. Having a clear diagnosis has helped them tremendously Living life, wondering what is off and not being clear as to why can be very difficult, fitting in can be hard for everyone. But it can be even harder when you have multiple setbacks, you can't control everyday things that come naturally to. Others may be very hard for some, if you are an autistic adult, you may find it hard to understand others emotions, thoughts, communication and feelings. Others may see you as insensitive, rude or bored. In reality, you're not good with social situations and communication. Understanding what is happening around you is not always clear to you many times? It's not even on your radar, About 1% of the world's population over 75 million people is on the autism spectrum. Are you part of that 1%? There are two million autistic people in the United States. There are more boys with autism than girls for boys. It is one in 42 for girls, there are one in 189 diagnosed with autism. Do you have questions about why you act differently? Do you wonder if things can improve for you socially when you go through this series of self discovery things will fall into place. Why do you feel so anxious in social settings? Why is it so hard to break from your routine? Most importantly, why is it so difficult to express your own feelings? The answers are here and we'll go through them, step by step together.