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Voice Over • Animation


This is mostly character work and animated work.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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how many ways are there gets in 99 cents? Well there's 99 pennies, There's three quarters two dimes and four pennies. There's one quarter of 13 Nichols. Okay? You get the idea, but there's only one great way to spend 99 cents. That's our bread box when hunger attacks, Your instincts will do just about anything to stop. I think you deserve something better. You deserve a stack attack from Wendy's, that's right to fresh, never frozen beef patties with nothing american cheese on a sesame bun and you have a sprint phone and you're sleeping with somebody that doesn't have a sprint phone. It kind of sounds like this. I'm sorry. I just feel really trapped here in this long term contract. I'm feeling really cooped up here. I'm sorry for a reason. I'm seeing sprint now. We've always been about pleasing people and we're known for doing stuff different because every crack, a pair of offers home style cooking made from scratch right here in our very own kitchens to stop into an old country store near you. I guarantee you won't be disappointed ready for some fun in the sun scott surf shop has got it all including bathing suit, sunblock scuba gear flip flops and oversized beach towels made to shake away technology that make sure you leave the beach at the beach