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A selection of recordings from my time on Real Radio XS and URY

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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real excess guy here, bringing you some brilliant classic rock on the late night show tonight. I'm very excited because tonight I'm joined here by James, Matthew and Tom from Death of Anna, who just might be, at the moment, my absolute favourite band. How you doing today, fellas? Thank you. Did you enjoy your breakfast today? Have absolutely no idea. You had what looked like flame on Tokyo. Cheating is supposed to be jolly, right? Colic. Waiting time. Four years stronger Enemy off the world. How we doing, folks? I'm doing wonderfully now. I love that song so much. Thank you for playing it. Us? No. I'm hoping you know that song. Mostly because I want all of us to do the Wu at the right time. There is a wound on its very good woo. So please, please woo with me. That's what way. Wait, wait. You have something to say to the nice ladies and gentlemen who were listening, Tio, you are? Why this fine evening. Hi, everyone. I'm very sorry. I may have said I love that song. And you know what? I love Aerosmith mostly because of the size of Steven Tyler's mouth. It is majestic happiness is truly like staring into the beginning of the universe. Thank you. Actually saw Aerosmith download 2010. Wow. **** of a weekend. How big was his mouth? Has the size of this room about the size of the U. S. Studio here is growing well, with your ear lobes on DH, everything grows with age, so thiss his ear lobes of troops on his mouth has gotten bigger.