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Industry Standard Animation/Character Demo

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Voice Over • Animation


This was professionally produced at Starman Studios in Dallas, TX. It shows a variety of styles, paces, and range that can cater to your project. Thanks for listening!

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Young Adult (18-35)




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you have a lot of nerves smiling like that after your copilot nearly died. If you pass out during a dogfight again, I better see you pack up your bags, You'll only get in my way. You'll never guess what I found. Fresh and delicious cheese. I stole it right out of a trap. It didn't even go off. Please put away your ax stain Frost hammer. I have heard that the mad witch uses the trees themselves to protect her home. Oh, by the way, you look at me is so cute. I could just gobble you up. Go on. Tell me your favorite thing about me and you better be honest too, because I really hate lights. That looks wonderful, Nathan. You've always been mommy's favorite little artist. Okay, this time I want you to draw daddy too. Don't forget his big puffy mustache. I swear my gravity powers were working before I was floating. And here let me try it on you. Oh God, no, no. Um hold on, don't worry about the vomiting. That's perfectly normal.