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My audio sample is an origins story of a fictional character written by myself.

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cornerback's origins. Core box parents had been from two different worlds. His mother was a celestial and his father a mortal man. They had met during the great second arm slot, where the undead armies had such controls of the great gateway, so as to let him with the demonic hordes of Asmodeus at the head was a being of terrible evil. A former Fallon fallen Paladin who had spread so much evil and death throughout the lands that he became a warlord of Asmodeus as a result and had power to build undead armies of his own. Barely a man anymore, he was known to look as look in the fallen. The armies of the undead clashed with the angelic force from Celestia and their allies, who fought by their side core. Berg's parents fought it and fought together and prevailed against the undead. In the end, after facing great casualties on their side, they fell in love during the long months of conflict, and not long after the war ended. A baby was born a half breed between a human and a celestial, with small wings and fair, light, radiant skin. He had eyes that were golden and fair. However, in Celestia, everyone must earn their place. So the baby callback was not permitted to enter with his mother. Instead, he was raised alongside his father and the devoted mortal guardians that watched over the great gateway from the temple ever thinking of his mother and how he could gain honour to gain entry to Celestia. During his early life, he was raised in a guardian temporal close to one of the great gateways that led to Celestia. Corvex learned the ways of devotion and wisdom from the clerics how to gain a connection to the gods of wisdom and then to harness the power they bestowed upon the guardian clerics. Quebec was blessed with his mother's angelic wings and showed promise in the skill of flying or the only for short distances and never very high, like the great angels he learned about. He was very fond of them and felt like a true angel when stretching them out and when he felt the wind to pass between the feathers. It is why Quebec chose to the water's life to a cardi goddess of air with the favour of a caddy call core. Beck was also able to harness the amazing power of lightning and thunder. He took the name Storm, born in honour of his goddess. He was in flight, his spear and his new found a magical powers. Corvette was quickly becoming a skilled warrior, attacking from the air with speed and precision. Over the years core, Beck felt like he was slowly but surely gaining honour and hoped to be giving entry to Celestia to see his mother once again. That would, however, not come to be. At this time, Corvette was well into its to his adult years and had to face his greatest challenge yet one of the armies of the undead returned and in much greater number than ever before. Determined to overwhelm the defenders, the angelic army came to the portals defence as it did to the Allied Racists who had stood together once before. Call Beck stood alongside his father, who now lead to the human forces. As a general, he felt great pride at the sight of the mighty angelic army and standing alongside with him. The battle raged on for days with great losses, said both sides. In the end, however, they depleted and exhausted mortals and Angels faced defeat. The hordes of undead were tireless, and without a number, it was decided to retreat into the gateway with as many of the warriors as possible and destroy the gateway. The force was needed to hold off the whole of undead so that the army could retreat a force that wouldn't really return be left behind. Corvette was sadly amongst them. Mixed force of humans. Elves, dwarves and angels all stood together as one to let their kin retreat to safety. They were unknown after their sacrifices, the heroes who stood as a rocks against the ocean of darkness and ballots and some tales to come after the angelic army, along with her allies, had retreated to Celestia. The gateway was shut and the gate itself crumbled and was for M closed. It was hard to say for sure, but Corbett hoped dearly that his father made it across to Celestia to his mother. The aftermath was not kind to the remaining warriors. Most of them were killed outright in the fighting by the undead. Corbyn had taken a spear and several arrows to his wings and could not fly away. Some of those who remained were taken prisoners tormented and tortured. Most did not survive the following days. Corvette, however, did survive and managed to escape his captors. But at the cost of his wings, his tormentors had cut them off and left Corvette to die, while the wings seemed more interesting to them. Now alone. But free Corvex set out to find his way in the world and hopefully another gateway to Celestia.