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North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US Western) US African American


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hand me the paper. Watch that hand me the paper. I didn't hear any imagine I hate it when you do that. Eustace hand me the flatulent gazette please. That's better. Here you go. Cletus. See showing manners doesn't hurt at all, does it? It can thought it was just a night to get candy and hang out with your friends for a good time. Well you were 2017 thursday october 26th from five until seven PM uptown. Be there if you dare attend is permitted only with physical release from your doctor. Everything I said prior to this should be considered marketing garbage and drag to the curb to be picked up by your local waste constabulary. That's why this final bottle contains everything that every volunteer had ever hated about his journey with this psychedelic. It's meant to make you want to quit. It's meant to end your addiction from now on. I hope you never hear my voice inside your head ever again. There's no time to waste. Better start removing your restraints. Oh, merry christmas from the North Pole. I'm so excited to be a part of belief. I get a lot of requests this time of year, but there are a few people that love christmas as much as I do. So I pay special attention to those, you know, frosty all off Rudolph julie Richard. That's why I'm so excited to say hello to all my friends that believe Since Geico offers 24 7 access to licensed agents. We thought we'd try the same thing. Fresh milk wherever you know. I told that gun slinger, If you know who stole my horse, you best tell them to bring her back because you don't want to have to do what I did the last time this happened, and when I looked outside, my horse was tied up at the hitching post, wow! Oh, really? Well, what did you do when they stole your horse the last time I had to walk all the way home?