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Well yes I'm listening to you right now. This this is jimmy from the other side. And I just wanted to ask you if if your mom made you pray before meals when you were a kid growing up as best as I recall. Yes. And we still do today. Well that's a nice story. Herb. We didn't have to because Ma was a pretty good cook and I was oh you're on the air day Mr President. How does this day find you low? Oh yeah. Well I'm not as young as I used to be. His old bones. Don't duck from flat objects as quickly as they used to. I guess you're talking about flying objects thrown by your wife, right? Yeah. Hillary has a pretty good arm. Yes. You know, I wish you'd join a softball team or something. What do you say that? Well, now that she decided not to run for president, she's around the house a lot more. Is she not a pretty picture day. This is that award with embarrassed. Er uh Let me attorney for those of you who don't watch my favorite prime time tv show bull? Like your artur. I'll sue you. A fan of Bull. Huh? Hello? You're on the air. Uh Yes. Mr President. How are you? You got me again? Mr President so far, you're the only one that enjoys that bonzo someday. You'll be warm food too and that won't be so funny then why did you call me anyway? I didn't call you Mr President. You called me okay. I'll hold Mr President. Uh Oh well that doesn't sound like the whole button. Hey nancy. I think you hung up on me again. That wasn't very nice. Hello? Hello? You're on the air day of radio? Yes, Mr President. How are things from the Great beyond, What kind of question is that? MR Day? I'm deceased. Well, Mr Dave. I've always tried to leave every experience with a memorable soliloquy. What a memorable saying to identify the moment. Oh, I see. Never really been great at it. But I have tried hard very hard in fact. Well, dirty Harry. Used to say a man has to know his limitations. That's very good. Who was this Unclean Harold? Dirty harry. You know, Clint doesn't matter. I've always said that to understand where a man has been, you have to walk a mile in his shoes and then once you've done that, it doesn't matter. You're a mile away from him and you have his shoes. You're not very good at this, are you? Well, let me say this. Hello. Hello? Hello.