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I have a wealth of experience in this field and regularly work for BBC Radio 4 and Big Finish Productions

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire), England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Tompkins said, My man, I'm writing. Wait, another drink home Raise. Let's have a toast to Sylvia. That most lovely name. No, no to the republic. Viva Espana! Intellect. What are the badges? Could you get out? I think so. Let me help. Give me your arm. Bashed my knee somehow. What happened? That must have hit a stone in the road. I think going a bit fast. The motor buck so hard I lost control of the steering and walloped into this tree. Oh, you've got a hellish dende in the wing. I'm afraid the dearest guarantees and Winfred I could run you up there if you like. That's very kind. What sort of motor? MD? My name's Valentine Ackland, by the way. Oh, I do apologise. Police have received information that this address is being kept as a disorderly house. I believe this evidence that women may be being held here against their will. What evidence? Right now there's a young woman looking out of that window. She's a friend. You're gonna let me into the house? Have you got a suit? If I arrest you, I don't need Officer. If you've got enough evidence to arrest my clown. You should do so you can come in. Thank you. What's going on? What is your relationship with Roy here? It's not known Fiend. She already speaks in English. What nationality are you? Not 90. Which country are you from? Is Banya? Do you have any I d? Sorry. Passports or an ID card driving licence? I lost. But on what grounds are you asking to see this woman's papers? I have reasonable suspicion that she may be an illegal entry into this country. She's Spanish. No evidence of that. This one was hiding under the bed. She said she's from Venezuela. Papers? No. Can you explain why there are two foreign women with no paperwork? Residing in your out is complicated. So you keep saying that. But what is your relationship with these ruin, Mr. Johnson? Friend. Pimp. Wait a minute, Officer. I'm not a pimp man living with two young undocumented women information received by police that sex workers are operated from this address. That's not write graffiti outside the out. Supporting that belief. That's vandalism. They painted rubbish on my house, the women only to come to the police station. I suspect they've committed immigration offences That's not for you, Roy Johnson. I'm arresting you. Under section arrived and a trip abroad was proposed to Germany. Come on, Georgie. Keep pop. Oh, really? What an exquisite little square. I guess this is downtown pumpernickel. I confess. I rather like Germany. Might be time for surreptitious sausage. There's nothing surreptitious about you eating the sausage. What is the plan then, chaps? Apparently, there's a grand fate given upon the marriage off the hereditary Prince of Pumpernickel with the lovely princess You, Doc Cier of Hamburg, slipping shop under movements will be available for a while. What manner of amusements climbing the pole to get the sausage on top? It's all about sausages around here. Isn't the poll to get to this offic? Yes, I'm sure you will. Door. Plus, there's gaming tables, which, of course, we want to be visiting No cool stuff