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E-learning samples featuring how women can exude confidence in the business world, cybersecurity, on-boarding for Wegmans, and how to sing.

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anything is possible for you in this video, we'll look at five tips for women to communicate. A more executive presence. More than ever. Companies in male dominated fields like science technology and engineering need women to be fully engaged as leaders. What that means for women is that strong communication skills are more important than ever. When it comes to protecting your accounts. It is important to incorporate best practices for password protection. Sam smith won. Uh, yeah, we can do better than that when creating a password. Remember to use 12 or more characters. Make sure to incorporate numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters. You remember the mom and pop market on the corner and the folks who smiled and knew you by name at Wegmans, we strive to make our customers feel like family and we're thrilled you're joining our, We may be bigger than that mom and pop grocer, but we like to think it means we have a wider reach to spread a little kindness to all of our communities. Everyone wants to learn how to sing better. It doesn't matter whether you've been on the road for 20 years or you're just starting out, here's the bottom line. You can improve your voice and learn how to sing better. It just takes some simple vocal exercises that you can learn today, ready to get started