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i will put all my effort on you, hopefully and enjoyable voice to amaze you. Never stop sharing your opinions with quality ideas. #voiceful generation with new vocabulary.

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Arabic (General) British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End)


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great readers make great writers, while it's great writers make great communicators and great communicators make great persuaders and you know a great persuaders make they make good societies, and that's what this girl needs. I think that it's totally crazy that all anyone ever talks about is games, TV shows. What's up Instagram bit? Mo ji. I don't even know what that is. My brother just told me about it. We chat. Kiki, Siraha and I could go on forever. Studies have shown that some kids these days even spent 6.5 hours on the screen a day. I think we should draw attention to this problem. However, not reading can even result in making your brain less active or engaged. Just over the past year, I've enjoyed reading when a Two by Karl May, the Harry Potter series with eight books Rule Doll series with 12 books and the unwanted series with seven books and many, many single books in between. Some I've liked less some I like more, but they all took me for such an adventure. Ask my family members. I'm a truly unhappy child when I don't have a good book to read right next to me. I love reading in places like my bed on the move while walking in the toilet and queues and vehicles. But more importantly, at home I hide behind various corners of my house so nobody can find me and make me do anything else. Once I even hit behind the flower pond, pretended to be the flower, not moving at all. Nobody could find me for ages. It was hilarious. I read everywhere. So for all of you skeptical people out there, let me tell you when you have a good book to keep you company, there is nothing better in the universe. It takes you to places where you can go and that's you. Meet people you can't meet. Reading is love in action, and the positives are endless, like I usually never have to study for spelling tests, and it makes my vocabulary is so good that it easily impresses any grown up. Sometimes the first thing I know is I've just had a short conversation with the grown up, and the next thing I know is there's a room full of adults talking about me. I can't imagine my life without a book what I'm comparing is the lost our of reading, writing, communicating and persuading the some of the great societal ills of the text message, the tweets and the snap. While these wonders of modern technology have their place, we, the young generation, have to hold on to reading. It's the Q to our kingdom. So go out there, find the good book. Not just any book. The best are the ones recommended by another kid and just go for it, okay?