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Sample is a game show hosting a few different characters

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All right and welcome back to love. Find Saul, I'm your host, Anthony phillips. On today's episode, we have three young men looking to take a swing at love without further ado, here's contestant number 13 words for you. Funny energetic, can do a back flip. I'm the type of guy that you're going to have fun day to day with. I'm the type of guy that's going to make you feel like every single day you are the luckiest lady in the world. It's kind of hard to keep up with that. But I can take you out on dates. Um, I make a mean Gazpacho and I'll always be there to care and love you. Next up myself, I'm a young, talented gentleman living a luxurious lifestyle. My father owns a Fortune 500 company and I'm the only candidate that brings a full time excitement to your life.