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English (British)

Voice Age

Senior (55+)


England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End)


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Hello? Yes, Mrs Peter Thompson. That's me. Oh, I do apologise. This isn't about my unpaid bus fare, is it? I forgot my past that day. You see, You're not going to rest me, are you? Oh, Oh, thank goodness. You know, there was a gentleman of that name used to live here, but I didn't know he was a person of interest. In fact, I don't think I ever met a person of interest before. I can remember clearly that day in September, here in the Prime Minister, Tell us on the wireless that the world started for the first few days, A lot of people rivers are frightened. I can remember my mother in law bursting into tears and put in her gas mask on that first day. Well, she wore it for about an hour, but nothing happened. And she took it off again when we gave her a cup of tea and she realised she couldn't drink it with the gas mask on in 1940 the air raids started at proper lots of others. Down our street, we had an Anderson shelter in our garden. How bad It was dreadfully damp. So in the end, we used to sleep under the big oak table