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out of nothing. There was all things, and in the beginning there was light cycles of night, day and a rhythm to the years so built in a rhythm to the brain. We have inherited a pattern from protoplasm to prototype. The human shape and human form is built with light in mind. You probably know them roads where you have to stop for a traffic light again and again, break weight, pull away and then having to break again. Surely there must be a smarter and more sustainable way with green light, optimise speed advisory or glows. ER drivers are advised to maintain a certain speed in their cars when driving this specific speed. They no longer have to stop for a series of red traffic flights wondering what our role is. We started looking at things that will shape tomorrow. What challenges us and gets us moving, seeing large climate and social issues, lots of wasted material, people who want a good internal climate whilst preserving the external climate but find it's too difficult, too expensive. We believe we can make the difference. You probably know of methamphetamine as an illicit recreational drug at the molecular level, the main psychoactive component looks like this. What you might not know is that the mirror image molecules is perfectly legal in many countries, where it serves as a nasal, decongestant esque Attallah prom is an effective antidepressant. The mirror image molecule is not.