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Bringing a few non-fiction works together, I present various forms of reading to each book. A couple may be similar, but the others are quite different from each other.

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what would Robin Hood or King Arthur be without the woman. They love Lonely men fighting lonely battles, indiana jones and James Bond just wouldn't be the same without a beauty at their side and inevitably they must fight for her. You see, it's not just that a man needs a battle to fight. He needs someone to fight for having repeated it almost unintentionally. It caught his attention. He commented how it was funny. He would have written it down twice as he had been recording his thoughts, it made me wonder if it hadn't made a deeper impact on that young boy than even Carl himself realized. So I asked him, Carl, can you still picture that scene of what happened when you were locked into a room alone? Oh yes, he said, I can see it all the house, the room during the dark ages. If you wanted to believe something that went against what the church said, you were tortured, executed or banished from the country. There was a lot of oppression against people who didn't believe believe the same things as the church. People started to get mad about that. And by the time the renaissance came around, it was acceptable in society to believe in something other than God. Fortunately for our entire organization, I discovered that I was surrounded by leaders whose adrenal glands went into overdrive at the prospect of planning an event. Not only were they good at it, they enjoyed it. I have to laugh when I think about how diplomatic my leadership team was as they pry I had my hands from certain events for the 1st 18 centuries of church history. The almost universal belief of christians was that God created the world in six literal days, roughly 4000 years before christ and destroyed the world with a global flood. At the time of Noah, some scientists developed new theories of Earth history, which proposed that the Earth and the universe are millions of years old. Over the past 200 years, christian leaders have made various attempts to fit the millions of years into the bible.