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Ivy Moody Animation Demo

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Voice Over • Animation


This was recorded with a Shure SM7B Microphone in my home studio.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
ivy, moody. Let's see. Nobody talked to me again this week. I wasn't invited to any parties for the weekend and I think I'm getting one of those really painful cold sores. So all in all another great week. Do you think you'd be feeling as bad as you do if you didn't have a heart? Of course he wouldn't because then you'd be dead. You see there bobby, even your heart knows you should follow your heart. They are all around you in every room and their voices chant as one. You have their book but it doesn't matter. Not anymore. Their ritual has gone on too long and gain too much power. You open the tome, find the page of the ritual and add your voice to the endless chorus. I can always tell when you humans are having a bad day. Like it's my fault for sleeping. Do I give you a hard time for only sleeping eight hours or for sleeping when you should be feeding me? No. So leave me alone, morons. I'm surrounded by morons. Hi. So studies show that of all the countries in the world, american women are the worst at flirting. But just because something's hard doesn't mean you shouldn't work on it. Being good at being aggressive or, well not aggressive, but like stating what I want and feeling entitled that I deserve what I want. And anyway, I think you're sort of cute.