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You've heard Jack voice trailers for many major movies and games. Here are examples of his reads.

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don't miss the movie audiences and critics are raving about One of the best reviewed films of the year is now the # one movie in the world that a boy ford versus Ferrari rated PG 13. Somewhere beyond the sea. A living fossil lies a new underwater discovery. I want to make this thing. She's massive. She's millions of years old. She's angry. She would think it's a she they're gonna need a lot more than a bigger bone. The meg rated PG 13 in theaters august 10th to play the Super Troopers two ad on tv. They insisted we make a few changes. But who is they? Who are they sorry? Super Troopers two government betrayed him, pushed him aside, left him to die. How long before a man like that has had enough? This mission might be his final fallout. You need to walk away tom cruise mission impossible. Fallout from the acclaimed director of God's not dead. I regret to inform you that your husband was lost her To save me rather than come home to you and your daughter. She lost her way on September seven comes an inspiring story about the power of family faith. I'm not giving up without a fight. Top secret special forces team with one main objective go The extra mile Failure is not an option. America's enemies say your prayers requesting hand of God coming down mile 22. International conspiracy, terrorist attacks, deadly assassins and it's all her ex boyfriend's fault. Bad people are after me and now they're after you. I'm sorry. What? Mila Kunis Kate McKinnon Bff's living the undercover life. This is insane. Have you ever felt so alive and you play a lot of video? The spy who dumped me in theaters? August 3rd.