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Typically the delivery for this client was fairly conservative. I decided to do an over-the-top version for them and they loved it and stuck with it. A ton of fun to work on!

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mm hmm. Hands. Those fabulous floppy five fingered appendages, They're great for saying hello tossing a frisbee eating a taco picking your note pad up and learning new cloud skills. And that's where a cloud guru comes in Other places. Talk about hands on labs, but only guru has real hands on labs like this, more than 1500 of them. And that's more labs that are top three competitors combined. Wait, what's a hands on lab you might ask A CGs Hands on labs are interactive scenarios seamlessly woven into courses and also searchable for standalone consumption. Learn a thing by doing the thing in a real environment reconfigured for the job at hand and we'll show you how other labs are text based, you're forced to read instructions with no context of the what or why. A CG is the only platform that gives you critical contextual learning in the form of easy to follow video guidance in all labs. The other guys stop at the basics a CGs. Hands on labs for more sophisticated. We have you covered whatever your skill level from introductory lessons through advanced tasks Andy right? Creating a VPc and AWS. Hands on labs, brushing up on Azure Cloud Shell Hands on labs handling data and google cloud SQL Hands on labs, drawing a Turkey hands. Oh wait, that's just hands but you get the idea with the largest Hands on cloud learning library at your fingertips. You can put these on this And learn all these things in as little as 15 minutes with real hands on labs. Others say it called guru, lets you do it and shows you how.