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In this particular voice recording, they have altered my voice to sound like a Child. As a Make A Wish Kid, this video was incredibly important to me in order to raise funds for sick children.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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if you could wish for anything, what would it be if you could do anything, Go anywhere, be anyone. What would your wish be? 20. Your wish came true every day. Six families received the news that their child's facing a life threatening illness in the time it took you to wake up. Today, have a coffee goto work cheque your emails, balance the budget, hold a meeting, sit in traffic, pick up the kids, make dinner what's the news and go to bed? One child in every state needed the healing power of a wish. Since 1995 over 8000 wishes have been granted in Australia. Australians laid busy lives, but we also care about the important by signing up toe wishes at work. Make a wish. Australia's workplace giving programme your organisation and make a big difference to sick kids. Easily set up through your payroll system. Employees make regular donations from their pretax pay with an immediate tax benefit. If an employee donates $20 a fortnight, they'll only pay $13. 50 but well received $20. 20 staff donate $20 a fortnight. That's $10,400 a year and $20,800 match. You can make a life changing difference to a seriously ill child by donating as little as $5 from your pretax celery. That's yes, in the crust of one coffee. Yeah, and what place giving is mutually beneficial when you sign up toe wishes at work, you'll join the growing number of Australian businesses who have a thriving community engagement programmes. A scene is socially responsible, enjoy a positive workplace culture and attract talent as a workplace of choice. So why join wishes at work wishes, give seriously ill Children heart for the future strength to face the challenges of the illness and joy from their incredible wish experience? Make a wish Wishes have a healing power that stays with the child long after their wishes being granted, You're giving kids like May and May a gift that lasts a lifetime. And while you're waking up going toe work, sitting in traffic, watching the news and going to bed, you'll also be changing lives