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This excerpt is from the popular children's book \"The Wishing Chair\" by Enid Blyton. This was one of my favorite books to read growing up, so I jumped at the opportunity to bring it to life in this reading... and I feel that I did just that.

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each day molly and Peter ran down to their playroom in the garden and looked at their wishing chair to see if it had grown wings again. But each time they were disappointed it hadn't. It might grow them in the night, said Peter. But we can't possibly keep coming here in the dark to see. We must just be patient. Sometimes the Children sat in the chair and wished themselves away, but nothing happened at all. It was really very disappointing. And then one day the chair grew its wings again. It was a Saturday afternoon, two, which was very jolly as the Children were not at school. They ran down to the playroom and opened the door, and the very first thing they saw was that the chair had grown wings. They couldn't help seeing this because the chair was flapping its wings about as if it was going to fly off. Quick! Quick! Shouted Peter, dragging molly to the chair. Jump in! It's going to fly! They were just in time. The chair rose up in the air, flapping its wings strongly and made for the door. Out it went and rose high into the air to the Children's greatest delight