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Young Adult Paranormal Fiction - Audiobook

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\"Daughters of the Moon\" by Lynne Ewing
Young Adult Fiction
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Teen (13-17)


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they landed on the lawn with a heavy son. She looked up, smells of onions and frying. Hamburgers still wafted in the air around them. But it was dark now, and they were on the street where she had walked the night before. You've got to work on the landings. Vanessa groaned and pulled herself up. I told you A fall is the only way out. Vanessa looked around. The night was silent except for the occasional scrape of palm fronds overhead. Then in the distance, she heard soft running footsteps and the rapid pounding steps of the person who had chased her. Let's go see who it waas, Vanessa said. I mean, who it is, right? Caddy agreed. They bolted and ran wildly down the street. The cool evening breeze stung their faces, their footsteps pounded softly on the do wet pavement. Vanessa knew at once that the second set of football's she had heard the night before, where those that she and catty were making. Now, ah, block ahead. She could see herself barefoot and running rapidly. Someone was chasing her. It was impossible at this distance to identify her pursuer, who was dressed in black and wearing a cap. She heard herself shout the strange prayer in the language she didn't understand. At the same time, her pursuer glanced back. The person must have seen them, but Vanessa couldn't be sure. Suddenly, the person darted across the lawn and into the shadows. This way, Carrie said, Vanessa followed her to a shortcut between two houses and into a narrow alleyway. She whispered. Do you think whoever it was saw two of me? If so, they'll never chase you again. Vanessa almost laughed, but she was too breathless and excited with anticipation to see who it waas. They ran down the alleyway to the next block, then crossed another street. Whoever's following you should be around here someplace, Cati whispered. They crouched low and stepped cautiously down the alley without street lights. The backyards were darker, the shadows deeper. Vanessa peered over the fence. She didn't see anyone, but she heard the soft padding footsteps of someone trying hard to be quiet. They ducked and hurried along the length of the fence to the garage. She looked around the corner of the garage. A shadowy figure ran across the back lawn to the next house. She motioned to caddy, and they stepped silently forward. When they got to the next house, they gazed over a row of garbage cans into the tomb like quiet in the yard. Beyond, if her pursuer had been there, the person must have heard their movements and hidden caddy nudged her and pointed a thicker shadow formed between the house and a twisting Cyprus. It looked like someone was standing there. Vanessa was sure that person was looking directly at her, even though she couldn't see the eyes. And then the shadow whispered, I'll find you later when you're alone. She wasn't sure she'd heard it as much as felt like a soft rustling across her mind. Panic seized her. Did you hear that, Vanessa? After what? Take us back catty. No.