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Voice Over • Television Ad


Recorded in my own home studio, this offers a bit of an intro and showcases what I have to offer in terms of sound, accents and style.

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German, Italian American, North American, Swiss German


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ladies and gentleman clients and customers. Gentles. All my name is John Jury kn. And for the next two minutes or so, I'd like to tell you why you need me to work on your next project, whether it's a voiceover for a nature show narration, a terrific track for your next tactical ad campaign or anything else that requires perfect enunciation, clear addiction and an easy on the ears voice. With over 20 years experience holding the attention of a live audience, numerous roles on stage and singing in solo coral and band settings I know how to deliver a consistent, reliable and pleasing product on time. Every time. If you're looking for a big, booming voice that can rattle the rafters or something way down low, then I'm the man for you. If that's not to your taste, how about that good old boy who's homespun wisdom and soothing voice is just the ticket for a hungry ears. Perhaps your cup of tea is a high class Englishmen for a low class Coakley block, maybe something French or a nice Italian boy, complete with hand gestures, Russian accent as seekers, yesterday's bosh or the chairman accent as clear spoon precise. It's the language itself are also offered, as well as a number of other voices, tones, accents, vocal ranges and inflections that are too numerous to mention in this brief time but are definitely worth asking about. I know your time is precious, so I'm going to conclude this little offering by saying that if you need someone who is easy on the ears with excellent diction, the ability to take direction and the motivation to deliver just what you need on time every time, then you can stop your search right here with me. Because and trust me on this, folks, you found the man you're looking for.