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Classic Rock format sample

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This sample shows my on air delivery style with the classic rock radio format, creativity and show prep.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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99 7 Classic Rock Hudson and With You time to do our daily double today to borrow a phrase from the Beatles. It was 30 years ago today. Mr Hagar joined the band to play. Okay, I took a little liberty with that one, but it was on this day in 1986 the album, 51 50 hit the shelves. I remember buying my copy of it on Cassette and having My Brain Just Melted. Great guitar sound Hagar Swagger and classic Van Halen melodies. Let's do your daily doubles and 51 50 music 99 7 Classic Rock Forecast calling for high temperatures hovering around 80 this weekend. Sounds like motorcycle weather. The crew is getting you in the mood. 99 7 Classic Rock 99 7 Classic Rock It is time to go, digging deep this time around a little Canadian blues rock. He would have been 50 years old today. Still little Jeff Healey Digging Deep 99 7 Classic Rock 99 7 Classic Rock Hudson In with You as we're doing a 30 minute long classic rock block, The Sweet by requests coming up Foreigner YouTube. Your daily double within minutes. Stones and their cowbell, Now 99 7 Classic Rock mhm 99 7 Classic Rock. It was 1970 on this date, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young decided to release a song that told a story The story of their trek the previous summer. That Trek took them to Gallagher's farm. You know what the story was right, Singing all about their time at Woodstock, digging Deep with CSN and Y 99 7 Classic Rock 99 7 Classic Rock. Looking Forward to the April 30th show at the Hanford Fox with this guy Jackson Browne 99 7 Classic Rock 99 7 Classic Rock. We Had so Much damn Fun last year. We're going to do it again this year. Talking about blues Brews and BBQ Downtown Visalia, Garden Street Plaza, April 1st, our very first one and April Sky is gonna be hosting. You want to check it out? All you have to do is get to our Facebook page. She's got all the information for you right there. Alright, check it out with us this summer. Blues Brews and BBQ with 99 7 Classic Rock 99 7 Classic Rock 6 to 2, 14 49. There's something you want to hear. Who's this? This is I love your station. He is far too cheerful for a Tuesday, just saying 99 7 Classic Rock Going behind the Iron Curtain as we do our Beatles rewind within minutes right now, giving you a little culture classical feel if you will. E l 0 99 7 Classic Rock Right 99 7 Classic Rock It was on this date 1945. The one and only Eric Clapton was born. So I figured today I've got a lot of special things for Eric's 71st birthday. It's a slow hand, Appaloosa, if you will, starting things off with our daily double teaming up with the legendary BB King on this one here is Riding With the King, your daily double 99 7 classic Rock