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Pura Vida, Costa Rica

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This voice over describes the beauty of Costa Rica as well as a real estate opportunity. This demo demonstrates video narration using emotion, sales skill and articulate description of the subject.

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Let me welcome and invite you to a story of Costa Rica, the land of Puerto Vida, which means pure life. You're never going to find Costa Rica becoming a concrete jungle. Like many other beautiful countries have become, it has 5% of the entire world's biodiversity. That's half a million species of different animals. The place I want to talk to you about is in the south pacific side of Costa rica. I've been throughout the country and this is my favorite part. Not as many people live there. Population 2000 of the town that we're going to discuss Evita and there is an abundance of wildlife, dolphins, sea turtles, even whales. There's even a part of the land which is a natural reef, but it looks like a whale's tail. And it happens to be a part of Costa rica where whales go to every year to give birth to their calves. It's absolutely amazing and I've seen it with my own eyes. So there are four projects that I'd like to share with you. The first one is called Ilan at buying a beach by the way, by any means whale in spanish and you can literally see them from the seashore during the right season. Also, this property has a private walkway underneath a jungle canopy to the ocean. This project is moderately priced brand new gate guarded and you have access to a pool, jacuzzi. Uh you also have access to kayak, snorkeling gear, surfboards, anything and everything you could possibly need to enjoy the beach. It's a very calm beach waves are not very big. It's excellent for swimming and kayaking, absolutely gorgeous property close to restaurants as well and and shopping and supermarkets. Mhm. The next property development is called the Terraces at SAn martin and this property is located on a mountainside and has amazing ocean views. You can see just hear the waves and see the ocean. It is incredible. Gate guarded as well. These properties have a slightly more elevated price point. However, you have a private pool, there are two stories, there are over 2000 square feet and it is in a very exclusive part of Costa Rica. The third is called pacific oh so if you feel you need a little more land, this will probably be the best fit for you. The lots are acres, at least one acre plus. Uh many of them have ocean views and these are custom homes. You're allowed to build up to two physical structures on the property. You could build two homes on the property if you would like. And there are numerous plans to choose from all the way from, moderately priced on up. The last project is called the Sierra Collection Sierra Collection. These are custom homes on the top of the mountain with panoramic ocean views, absolutely incredible. The area has a helicopter pad in case you want to arrive in style and these are custom homes. So really the sky's the limit, this would be the ultra luxury side of what's available with the developer that I'm working with in Costa rica. So all of these properties can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the United States or many other places considering their proximity to the beach and what you have available nearby. So in addition to the wildlife and nature there's an abundance of waterfalls, volcanoes, hiking, So many things fishing, it is absolutely incredible. You can see these projects in more detail on my website. It's ocean view pura vida dot com ocean view vida dot com. These homes are new and the beauty of these homes is that you have numerous options if you're ready for retirement or ready for a change because you can work remotely. You can move into these these properties and live there year round if you're not quite there yet. But you want a place that you want to spend a month a year or three months a year at and rent it the rest of the time. You can do that If this is strictly an investment property for you that's also available these properties cash flow as a long term rental and as a short term rental as well. And if you don't want to deal with the hassles of maintenance and cleaning and finding tenants that can all be taken care of for you and it can be 100% managed without your having to lift a finger when I think of Costa Rica and Evita. I think of so many things that I love and enjoy about it. The people, the energy, the nature, just the peace and calm and the ability to have access to so many outdoor activities that are incredible that I love and enjoy. It's also an incredible value as far as real estate goes. If this video and this opportunity to own a piece of a dream in Costa rica resonates with you, I would love to chat with you more. You can reach me via phone, text or email. Thank you Vida.