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Character Examples from The Chosen Four: Van Gale's Fire. Available on Audible

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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we have given much to you. Fire Reader. What has your kind given us? It only takes the loss of one to lose the city. The North gate was lost. The battle was lost to refuse to train her Because she out developed the others is nonsense. When I last saw her, she couldn't even swing a sword. Now she's completely exceeded Justin of Nicole the New World. Bennett Turing is the capital city of the alliance. Far to the south, the majority of the population is scattered throughout the countryside. So it will require time for them to formulate a solid defence. No young fire either. We are a proud people. We will not run when we can fight. And there is plenty of fighting us. Remember that until you find yourself alone with no aid coming, struggling to keep yourself alive, you will never grow to be the fire either. You need to be. I would like to know. Master connoisseurs Thoughts on what would have happened. I haven't slept in days. It's comfy down here. Captain Godfrey wanted to inform you that the workers in the seventh Deep notice the quakes late last night. They were violent. at first, but faded after several hours. They have not. No systems throughout the day. Returned to Captain Godfrey. Tell them to begin the evacuation of dream Dale. Find the captain. Send out a distress signal. Evacuate to the lower deeps until I come for you.