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The topic is about electric cars and I shared my view on it

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I still remember when if anybody had a Mercedes you were on the top you were okay. That's Mr big shot around here now these days. If you have a Tesla he's like he's the mister big shot around here. That's Mrs big shot over there. I mean am I the only one that's not crazy about electric cars. Yes, they move fast. Yes they come in different designs and have all these fancy things on them. But I've also seen how long it takes for those things to charge. And I see most people at Walla they're just saying that the pumps just like waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Meanwhile everybody else with a gas powered or diesel power card, you just come in and do what they need to do and then they're gone in less than five minutes. I'm not saying electric cars can't work. I'm just saying for right now. I mean the top of the line, diesel powered truck can get an easy 56, 700 miles of range while a good chunk of electric cars that I've seen can only do around maybe 300 two, maybe 400 at most at the same time most gas powered cars can do the same thing. So you're paying more money for the car. Sure we're not paying for gas but you pay so much money. Free electric car that the time that it starts to pay us back it might be years down the road, depending on what everyone's financial situation is. I'm just saying if you still have your gas powered car, you still use a power card. I would just bite the bullet and just stick with the gas prices. Eventually it'll go down.