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A news package for Classic FM on the auction of a rare violin.

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at a tense auction house floor at Christie's. The bids for the antique violin opened at 700,000 U. S. Dollars and quickly soared to one million. And then the hammer came down. $2,400,000 sold to you, sir. Thank you very much. The 278 year old instrument went to an anonymous bidder. Rick Final is the buying agent representing its new owner. It's a great concertising violin. There was a bargain today. It's worth considerably more than that. There's lots of artists in a queue right now, looking and asking if they can be the ones to receive it. The violin, known as the Solomon X Lambert, was made in Cremona in Italy by Antonio Stradivari. It gets its name from two of its previous owners, the late Seymour Solomon, co founder of Vanguard Records, and Murray Lambert, a British concert violinist who played during the 19 twenties. Violins made by Stradivari are highly sought after and are rarely offered for sale. Kerry K Keen head Christie's department of musical instruments. It was this extraordinary violin survived in wonderful condition and without a doubt one of the finest Stradivari, totally to come on public auction in many, many years. Uh, and that certainly proved its point here in the day to day with the bidding. The auction price of almost £1.4 million still doesn't make it the world's most expensive musical instrument. Another Stradivari violin set a world record price going for £1.8 million in May last year.