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Television Ad


This voiceover demo reel consists of copy for television ads such as Eggo Waffles, Mercedez Benz, Snuggle, L'Oreal Paris, and Little Critters Vitamins.

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Eggo waffles could be a great way to get your family together for breakfast. Crispy golden outside warm and fluffy on the inside. Get your winds where you can eh go home Style Waffles. Lego with ego Men talk about women, sports and cars Women talk about men inside sports cars This year. Set your sights on the alluring C L A coupe, starting at 38,000 at Mercedes Benz. The best or nothing, some extra care and attention can go a long way. Onley Snuggle gives you the snuggly softness you love and freshness that last up to 30 days, because often that special touch can make the biggest difference. Let's snuggle. You're an original independent bolds, and with Loreal voluminous mascara, your eyes have the power to speak. Volumes are original. Brush separates. Every lash are creamy. Formula builds five times The volume. Number one mascara in America. Voluminous original from Loreal Paris Because you're worth it. Kids love them. Parents trust them. Little critters. Gummies are not Onley nutritious but delicious. That's why they're the number one gummy choice for parents, key vitamins and minerals your kids need fused with natural flavors. Little critters for kids. We make nutrition tastes good