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They're powerful, fearless and deadly. They use surprising intelligence and creativity to overcome the hardships of nature. Yet grizzly bears are also vulnerable, living much of their lives struggling to survive. This is the story of a young bear living on the edge of the untamed arctic. Through two perilous years, she and other Grizzlies in the wilds of northern Canada use rarely seen strategies to endure in an unforgiving world, fierce predators, yet sensitive social creatures grappling with desperation. These are UConn's wild Grizzlies near the arctic circle. Spring winds sweep over the mountains. It's May, and as the far north wakes from winter, new life takes hold porcupine caribou migrate to their northern cabin grounds. While the red fox revives the dance of predator and prey, Grizzly bears emerge from their winter dens and roam the mountains. Sophie is a nine year old female on the perilous cusp of adulthood.