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This demo tells the story of how Florida was chosen for Disneyland and the fight against the objectification of female stewardesses. It narrates a CPR instructional and explains how RNAi therapy works to treat primary hyperoxaluria. Lastly, I act as a host to welcome individuals to a summit.

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In 1971. National airlines released this advertisement. It pictured a real flight attendant and a new slogan, Fly Me all over Florida Fly Me within months. The campaign included Joe Denise and Laura. The airlines basically tried to sell the stewardesses as sex objects and it worked after the slimy campaign national saw a 19% jump in ticket sales. I'm Terry Fly Me. I'm Marisa Me. Soon. Other airlines followed. This was one of the many ways that the airline industry degraded flight attendants. As you look at this instructor's checklist, you can see that the student correctly performed all the assessment and activation steps. She checked for responsiveness, shouted for help activated the emergency response system sent for an A ed and checked for breathing and a pulse. This isn't Disney World but Disneyland and the key thing is not the park but the surroundings downtown Anaheim, a 40 minute drive from Los Angeles. Walt Disney believed that the site provided sufficient land for present and future growth. But quickly things changed everything from schools to shopping centers, limited Disney's control over its future. He wanted a new park. It had to have a lot of land, couldn't be cold and needed to be on the east coast that narrow things down to Florida. Primary hyperoxaluria or PH is a family of ultra rare genetic disorders in which the overproduction of oxalate in the liver leads to kidney stones and progressive kidney damage. In all known subtypes of ph ph one ph two and three liver enzyme deficiencies cause a build up of glyoxal which is converted into excess levels of oxalate by the hepatic enzyme LD RNA I therapy targets specific messenger RN A to halt the production of disease causing proteins. Embrace social networking throughout the event to form meaningful connections, develop powerful relationships unwind and enjoy all these elements of an exclusive summit are brought together by a large and international Marcus Evans team dedicated to providing you with an immersive event that is stimulating and valuable.