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Jenn Petti - Commercial Demo - Conversational - Real - Believable

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Voice Over • Radio Ad


Female voiceover spots for Travel Oregon, Target, Cutwater, ESPN Challenge App, Bear Naked, and Jeep.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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with its wild rivers, endless coastline and scenic beauty. Some people think Oregon is the best thing about the west coast and we tend to agree plan your next adventure at travel Oregon dot com. Taste more style more, save more in store and online only with your target. Red card drinks. Smarter not harder cut water bar quality cocktails in a can. Wild thing isn't afraid to ask the big questions like are real pockets revolutionary. Can I get a button up that buttons up? Why is the store telling me what I can't wear wild fang, embrace your masculine, your feminine and everything in between. Every step back three, every ankle breaking fake, every heartbreaker buzzer beater and gamemaker. Everything you love about March Madness is only on the ESPN tournament challenge app. These new bare naked chewy bites are so packed with protein power. I'm gonna tear into these accounting spreadsheets like a two john grizzly. Sorry everyone, it's the chewy rights. Again, a new standard for the premium Suv is here. Get ready for the next era of sophistication with the all new jeep grand Wagoneer