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Jennifer Silverman Commercial DEMO 2022

Voice Over • Television Ad


More serious, conversational and diverse ads in this DEMO

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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I'm tina and I'm a screen certified dog walker for wag. I specialize in dog behavior, medical care for dogs and I also just love dogs. I'm located in your area. I walk dogs over 35 hours a week and I'm the reason you should download the number one dog walking out today, available now in the app store when you wake up in the morning with pain and fatigue, it can drag down your whole day, fight back with new bay or am the first pain reliever specifically designed to relieve morning pain and fatigue. New bay or am take back your morning star burst fruity slushies. Now you can get all of your favorite slushie flavors without the ice. Fruity slushies are first of citrus slush, cherry splash, lemonade chill and blue raspberry rough. This is my Toyota Camry. It comes with Toyota safety Sense standard, which means it has better reflexes on the road than I do. That's the kind of technology I can support and that's why I give my Camry five seat belts. But I can across this game on my ipad called Monument Valley. Sorry, I get excited when I think about it. Monument Valley. It's a game. Well a puzzle and you take princess IDa through mazes, optical illusions and impossible objects at DSW. We believe in the power of shoes, no matter who you are or how you dress your shoes. Say something great about you. Three out of four teens who start smoking, never escape it. No, the real cost of cigarettes