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Video voiceover for GE Hitachi for their BWRX-3000 nuclear reactors. Friendly, informative, youthful sound discussing technical concepts and roadmaps for the future.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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the future of the world's energy is carbon free By 2050. That zero is the goal. Along the way to a carbon free future. There are many solutions but renewables can't do it alone. Nuclear has an important role to play in the mix of our carbon free future. Now, if this is how you picture a nuclear power plant, it's time to think differently. It's time for a new type of nuclear to provide reliable carbon free power to the world. G. E. Hitachi leveraged its decades of bold innovation, proven technology and experience with large projects to develop the BWRX 300 reactor. It's dramatically smaller, Smarter and simpler. The BWRX 300 is designed to be cost competitive with other types of power generation. It's quick to deploy and less expensive to operate And when it comes to safety, the BWRX 300 is designed to a new level of inherent safety. It can cool itself for a minimum of seven days without power or any operator actions. A carbon free world is a big goal. Go small, Go simple. The B W R X 300 can get us there