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Children's Book Voice Sample (US Accent)



Narration for a children's story.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hazel was upset that daddy had to go on a trip to Oxide City. Hazel did not like that. It was so far away. She felt like it was 20 oceans away. But daddy assured her that it wasn't that far. Hazel did not want him to go. So she hid his suitcase in the can, a flower bushes. Then she put his car keys in the mailbox. Hazel daddy said, where are the car keys? It's time to pick up Aunt Eva Lohse. Then Hazel hid herself under her bed with dogfish. Aunt Eva Lohse was very nice. She smelled like canna flowers and let Hazel try on lipstick. But Aunt Eva Lohse was not daddy. Aunt Eva Lohse didn't know how to do anything. She would always put weird things in cereal and use way too many cornflakes. She called dogfish fish dog and that is not dog. Fish's name. Dog Fish's name is Dogfish. It's easy to remember because dogfish is a dogfish. Hazel saw daddy's shiny blue shoes walk into her room. She covered dog fish's mouth, but daddy still found them. Do you want to talk about it? Daddy asked Hazel and Dogfish both stayed quiet. Suddenly, Hazel's face got hot and scrunchy and her chest felt like it was being pinched. Who will read my goodnight story? Hazel asked daddy, dogfish can't read. Daddy crouched down and said, while his knees made popcorn noises.