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The Economy of Canada (American Accent)

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Deep dive into the economy of Canada with this voiceover.
Educational Youtube video for a channel called The Economic Raven

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known for merciless winters, moraine, lake maple syrup, polite people and not so polite hockey players. Canada is a G seven member and the ninth biggest economy in the world by GDP. Canada is a commonwealth country based on the principle of peace order and good government. Some say it's slightly inclined towards the need for the common good, while accepting moderate limits on individual freedom. But Canada is not a socialist country. It is a capitalistic economy based on the accumulation of capital production of wealth, based on the wage labor relationship between the owners and workers and the means of production through mostly privately owned companies generating profits for their owners. Yes, the country does have a developed Social Security net, but many people fail to understand that having welfare programs does not make a country socialist. You can call it a mixed market economy, but that mixture consists of capitalism and minimum state regulation instead of a mixture of capitalism and socialism.