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New York

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The author asked me for a \"New York Jewish\" read.

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Senior (55+)


North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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Girls, you need to challenge me. It's like taking candy from. We know molly. Bernie interrupted like candy from a baby. You're so predictable. Yes, predictable. That's me and my three best friends. We were all widowed or divorced. Single Yenta is passing time together as we wait to pass away. Depressing and yet true. Our age is between 70 and 76. Our lives as mundane as white bread. It wasn't always that way. Bernadette, the youngest, platinum blonde, thanks to Miss Clairol, five ft, nine, skinny, narrow shoulders and huge fake breasts. Thanks to dr stravinsky. She modeled until age 23 when she met her husband while competing in the Miss New Jersey competition. Five Children later, her hopes forever modeling again disappeared. She was an overly do dedicated mother who quietly resented every minute of cub scouts, soccer games and homeroom bake sales. She often said her husband sabotaged her birth control pills just to keep her knocked up in fat. Her favorite chatting topic. I could have been a supermodel if only, although we don't consider Bernie a true alcoholic, she does enjoy a five o'clock cocktail no matter what time it happens to be. She and her husband Mack traveled to California 25 years ago for the job opportunity. They hoped would change their lives too bad, immune, never caught on as a chicken substitute, widowed for 15 years. Two of her sons died in the same car accident that killed her drunk husband. Her surviving Children remain in New Jersey and never come west for visits, no wonder she imbibes on a daily basis