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Have you ever had a suspicion that something just isn't right? Your female intuition kicks in and you know he must be with someone else? But who? This is a sample of a narration from a book that's believable, scandal, relatable, and will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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Chapter One Selena while getting dressed for sunday service, I stumbled across a stack of letters hanging out of my husband's bible desperation was obvious as the writer begged for my husband's affection on every page with tarnish edges and smeared fingerprints. The jaw dropping details were explicit to say the least. Each signature was accented with bright red lipstick kisses and sprinkled with sweet perfume. The uneasy feelings from my findings brushed upon my heart and shook my soul in spite of it all, I threw on my white loose fitting dress, comb my hair back into a bun and made it to church On time. When I entered Ebeneezer baptist, I slid into a pew in the back next to my mother in law. I held my daughter Jessica tightly in my arms and rocked the service moved at a steady pace with the congregation fully engaged. The spirit of the Lord reigned as God's People responded to his presence of dancing the mass choir singing upbeat song that buzz in the middle of my ear drum. The animated choir members banged on to marines while shuffling their feet to the beat. They're black and white choir room switched back and forth in unison. The sobbing son was one of my favorites, although the music sounded good, I can focus completely. He's cheating. I thought it's my temper rose slowly to the ceiling. I held curiosity tightly by the fingertips. I wondered what other so called sanctified woman, one of my husband too. My mind's spun in a pool of paranoia each time I looked around at all the beautiful woman in the congregation. I wish I could confront all of them one by one some day and asked, do you want my husband to I'm sure my husband list was long with all the women he probably cheated with. But I didn't have any proof with the exception of this one woman's letters. However, I had a gut feeling. She wasn't the only one in the midst. As for the chick who wrote the letters, I was going to step to the winch at the beginning of offering. I tried to keep my cool, but my bad thoughts grew like wildflowers inside my head and somewhat became somewhat dangerous. I was ansi with continuously logical thoughts taking over my brain. But in order to keep calm, I continue to rock. I looked down at my baby girl cradled in my arms. She looked just like him. I gaze up at the pulpit, tall, dark and handsome was an understatement for him. He looked like a Pepsi commercial model ready to take off on the runway. The pride I once had of being his wife drift away as all the melodrama of suspected church infidelity left me mesmerized the music echoed throughout the sanctuary and in the words of the chorus resonated deeply. This means war. The choir bounced up and down while singing. Pastor Charles, Jenkins hit gospel song war. I sat up right, trying to feel every beat by tapping my feet and close my eyes, but I couldn't concentrate that pondered over my thoughts. I began to plot my next move quietly. A deep voice inside my head gave explicit instructions. Walk over to the first human speaker piece. Then the voice became louder and overshadowed my sensibility. Do it embarrassed them both. In front of the entire congregation. Glory Father rang out from a woman in my row. It shook me out of my trance. I gazed up at the pulpit again, staring at my husband to the naked eye. He looked faithful and pure, but he wasn't his brown study bible where the letters were hidden, remained planted in the center of his hands as he bobbed his head to the beat of the music. When the song ended, he spat into the microphone. It is now time for the offering. The musicians started up with the song again. Is acquired jumped up following their lead. This means war. They all chanted. Alright now church now we all know the program is subject to change based upon the movement of the holy ghost. So let's sneak another verse in on the devil praise and why you can Saints! He shouted. The audience stood up clapping to the beat singing the bridge of the song. I plead, I plead the blood signing choir. It sounded good over there. Bishop yell into the microphone. Oh yeah that's right, he said. It's offering time, that was my cue to open up my canon. Beat down. I shot straight up out of my seat with my index finger wagging in the air and yelled, Hold my baby. This means war visions of joseph being with another woman brew like a bubbling pot of soup all throughout my spirit, sudden urge to stump the **** out of anyone standing in my way from getting to her, jump right on my back. I sped down the aisle crying angry tears. My footsteps faded forward. Power and force help me, jesus! I pleaded out loud as my tears dissolve into my dress, Not my man, not my husband. When I reached the front row I ball my fists ready to strike her as she stood tall, clapping on, beat with her fan to the music home wrecker. My boat. I turned in her direction in her eyes immediately met as soon as I look deeply into her half moons all the range I had seeped in my toes. I was mute as I tell them back into reality, my so called devious plan to strike her came to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, this husband thief was not a stranger to me and was well known to the congregation. She wore that same red lipstick that was sealed in the letters, she threw back her head and held a sinister smile, shared a funeral home fat in her hand which stood between us and move from side to side as she looked and bothered, still grooving to the beat of the music, her big brim hat tilted towards a friend of her face with her long we've hanging out of it, her lace gloves extended down her arms and her skin tight blouse helped sucking her pudgy stomach. She shot her Darren look back, trying to figure out what was my problem is I still dumbfounded. This was a woman I trusted and love like a sister. I was devastated to find out she was messing with my husband, a familiar soul that was well known for helping other women find salvation. It was obvious she was a man eater who stole my husband's heart. She was also the first lady of Ebeneezer baptist church.