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Motivational narration of the Year 2020 for a church organization.

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Despite the challenges before us, the mission of Christ one uses parish throughout the entire pandemic has not wavered once. Never in our 10 plus years history have there been a Zeman. Any unstable and unexpected events unfold around us. Yet through it all, our church family marches on. 2020 has been a year like no other. As it draws to a close, we have lots to pray for, but also lots to be thankful for. Even amid these challenges, thes experiences tested our grit. In 2020 sharp welcome, the 26th renewal weekend participants into formation brothers and sisters discerned into the longest formation ever. In addition, 2020 welcomed the countless and selfless efforts from alumni assisting our Perish by offering a lending hand to maintain the landscaping from the start of the pandemic into the end of the year. The full renovation of our beloved Miss Alcohol efforts to help inaugurate the new sanctuary fundraising to help purchase the deacon Cheers scholarships to help those families in need of free tuition for Children to attend and receive their sacraments. How coordinate the praise and worship adoration event during the pandemic to bring families together to sing and to praise the Lord and assist the choir with the new sanctuary laser projectors and the countless and selfless efforts to assist the families affected by Covic providing meals, household supplies and other care packages, Philippians 46 is a spiritually powerful reminder that even in the midst of invulnerable moments, way must pray. Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving. Present your requests to God now more than ever, we need your support as we do something very few do way set out to impact eternity through the renewal of lives, brothers and sisters getting closer to strengthen their relationship with lower. I like for you to reflect on a few things as we come to a year's close. What did you embrace more strongly? And in what ways did you deep in your commitments as we approach 2021? One thing I encourage you to do is to practice gratitude, developed deep gratitude for all that you have released in all that remains with Blessed New Year for a but