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A broad selection of character voices.

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A United Nations of voices, spanning the Globe

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Senior (55+)


British, German, Scottish, Scottish (Glaswegian)


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I would like to introduce you to a variety of chaps from around the world who will show just how diverse our English language really is. My name is worse pilgrimage a thing or two? Or should we pick a pocket or two? We got a football game since Saturday afternoon so we can fight the supporters of the other team. We talk here who wins the match. Even tiny Lepre cons can handle a shillelagh that will raise a welt on your head. The Pink Panther was such a clever thief. He was English, wasn't he? Health Fraser. A BMW is not a toy. It has to be pampered for $60 million. Let's get this straight. You want to build a force at 12,000 ft tall? Ah, this dream of cosmic consciousness lifts people up, including lowly car mechanics to levels they never could attain otherwise. Dan, under we don't drive flash imports. Just waltz Mathilde off into the outback with your tucker bag. Another young whippersnapper trying to spread itself too thin over here on the boulevard. We know there are other people out there who don't sound like us, but we haven't actually seen any of them. Let them have their swan ball in the big BM I'm up to the swan ball with the people who really count. Uh mm.