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john rader, voiceover, audiobook narration. I did it. I achieved what I always wanted. I had finally got what I had been so envious of for so many years and after a few short months, I can't tell you how much I hated it, yep, that's right. The greener grass was not all I expected it to be. I stuck it out for a short while, but it wasn't long before I had to go back after Jesus had been fasting and not eating for 40 days. The devil tempted him to turn rocks into bread, jump off the top of the temple and worship someone other than God. But each time Jesus was tempted, he used scripture to have the power to say no to the devil. As we read about Jesus, life on Earth. We see that when he fasted, prayed and said scripture out loud, it grew his friendship with God and having a friendship with God gave Jesus the power to obey him. Even when it meant dying on a cross to take the punishment for all the sins of every person in the whole world, audiobook narration. London's affluent Knightsbridge area was the scene of an armed raid. So spectacular it entered the criminal record books as one of the biggest heists of this century. No other robbery in this country has come close to it with a staggering £40 million worth of valuables stolen when a ruthless italian robber smashed his way into hundreds of safety deposit boxes, making it one of Britain's biggest robberies. It's john here just hopping on and thanking you for making it to the end of my demo. I look forward to helping you complete your next project. Take care and God bless.