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Audiobook Reel (t.r.t. 2:00)

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1. Dark Matter by Black Crouch
2. The Storm King by Brendan Duffy - Earphones Award
3. Red White Blue by Lea Carpenter
4. California Fire and Life by Don Winslow
5. Shadowed Souls by Jim Butcher

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, Russian


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The path along which he's dragged himself is plain to see by the streaks of blood that looked black in the Starlight. He's groaning as he crawls in the direction of the front porch. He's never going to make it. I reached him. Kneel beside him. It's Mae, right down to the coat in the Velocity Laboratories backpack and the ring of thread. He's holding his stomach with one hand, which is covered in steaming blood for Nate Saturdays in the spring mean baseball. His teammates think playing the outfield is ignominious, but he likes it. There's a meditative appeal toe, a morning spent watching for hard struck balls as they spin and slow at the height of their parabolas. He's not the most attentive of fielders, but Nate does all right at the plate. He described looking out the window and seeing fires in the streets. They described thinking about your name while watching his friend die the blood on his hands, his friend, his colleague. He told me they'd chosen Anna finally, not because of the literary echoes, but because your mother had liked its lyricism, the precision of those twin A's on either end. Nicki watches from the back seat. As Donnie lowers the front passenger window and rests the machine pistol on the edge. Gordon gets his cash, grips his 200 bucks in one hand and his coffee and the other, and turns into the spray of bullets that smash into his chest. The cappuccino splashes all over his bloodstained shirt as he falls to the hot asphalt. You're fired. Nicky says his business had picked up dramatically after the demise of Tony Cray Lows Body Parts Emporium, a giant organ superstore run by an obese zombie monster.