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JON LINDSTROM General VO Demo (t.r.t. 1:43)

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Voice Over • Video Narration


1. Strategyn - Industrial
2. What Happens Next - Feature Film, Lead Character VO
3. Norton Core - Commercial
4. California Academy of Sciences - Commercial
5. She-Ra - Animation
6. Dark Matter - Audiobook

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Companies are at an innovation crossroads. In the past few years, company CEOs have come to realize that innovation is a key driver of revenue growth. Now they must decide which innovation process and practices to employ. My day starts at 6:30 a.m. I don't need an alarm clock. I wake up every day and dress for my role as CEO. That means fifty tailored suits at all times. Right now I have fifty-four. Norton core, a wifi-router with the speed you want and the security you need. Act now to enjoy a limited introductory price at Norton dot com slash core. Good afternoon folks. We're about to begin our in-flight meal service. We have two tempting choices today. A savory 12-inch crunchy dragonfly. Served with wings. Very popular. Or a fresh fish option, scooped directly from the Mesozoic Sea. Bon Appétit. Then explain to me why you've requisitioned more troops to look for one missing soldier. A soldier I ordered you to give up on. No soldier is worth that, especially when you've got a replacement. Our mission is to kill the Whispering Woods so we can finally march on bright moon and destroy their ridiculous rebellion. The path along which he's dragged himself is plain to see by the streets of blood that looked black in the star light. He's groaning as he crawls in the direction of the front porch. He's never going to make it. I reach him, kneel beside him. It's me. Right down to the coat in the Velocity Laboratories backpack and the ring of thread. He's holding his stomach with one hand, which is covered in steaming blood.