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Now there's a fun new way to doodle draw and sketch introducing Magic sketch from the makers of Boogie Board. Magic Sketch uses an amazing new liquid crystal screen that rights Just like pen on paper. You can drop it, you could toss it and you can't even step on it and it won't break but battle Shake him up a little gram bomb load for frank Builders Build your turn, lady twist Builders Boom cannon Blast smashed it. Hello. Thanks, bashers. Thanks, but But we burst your castle wildly wide Hex castle isn't tiptop. Whatever you say, boss. Anyone up for more? Building three up The picnic starts at 10 0 cold. I packed the car. Nine coolers of drinks should be enough fried Charlie, What's taking so long? Well, I'm trying to choose between this. Look, let's go with Look. What now? Hurry up. Your father's about to lose it. Hey, guys, what's taking so long? I'm thirsty with a power stretch for extra kit. That was awesome. Combine all five lions and unlock new phrases. Three more legendary defender now streaming on Netflix. Legendary lions eat sold separately. Collect all five to create Ultron from playmates