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Josh Putnam - Character Demo Showcase

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Voice Over • Animation


Demons, Heroes, Teens, Zombies, Soldiers

Vocal Characteristics




North American


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Josh Putnam. I am the demon, a goddess And I have come for the soul of the mortar Summoned me to damn it! Is this another kids Halloween party? Come in. Bridge, Identify Humanoid enemy agents are 40 fitting. We're under attack. We're being were on. Just be yourself. I mean, maybe I'm biased, but I think everybody could use a friend like, you know, like go of me. I have to stop him. Don't. So your theory postulates that I have some use for you that will prevent me from taking your life. Looks like someone research. I am not programed for this bro Down. You speak of Tyler's loneliness, bums? Delta bought out. As long as I'm I won't allow anyone to hurt my bride. Should I shoot you or smash you? Looks like you're stuck between a hammer and a hammer. Damn it, That's